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Welcome to our Farm Store! Below is a list of our Bison Meat Products and Prices available from our store for pick-up. With advanced notice, we can have special cuts available such as: steamship rounds, whole filets, whole steak loins, etc. This would be perfect for your next special occasion!

Bison Steaks Per lb.
Filet Mignon Steaks   $28.00
Rib Steak/Delmonico   $18.00
New York Strip   $17.00
Flat Iron/Mock Filet/Hanging Tender   $16.00
Sirloin/Top Sirloin Steak   $13.50
Flank Steak   $12.50
Colvine Minute Steaks-Sliced (3oz, 5 per lb.)   $11.00
Bison Roasts  
Eye Roast/Sirloin Tip Roast   $13.00
Pot Roast   $12.00
Chuck Roast   $11.00
Bison Specialty  
Short Ribs/Stew Meat   $10.00
Loose Burger   $10.00
Patty Burger-4oz-Four per pack   $10.25
Heart/Liver/Tail/Tongue   $5.00
Brisket   $10.00
Osso Bucco   $10.00
Tri-Tips   $12.50
Marrow Filled Bones   $5.00