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In the early 1980's Dad's job as a consultant to a large fast food company, Tastee Freez, often took him to Kansas City for conferences with Tastee Freez International. During one of his stays in Kansas he met a rancher named Bill Knoth and became very intrigued with the bison. After many visits to Bill's ranch he decided to make some changes at our farm and bring home bison.

In 1984 he bought four heifers and a bull from Bill and within a year Bill's wife brought us five more. Dad soon bought a bison tough trailer and began going to the Gold Trophy Show and Sale in Denver, North Dakota and Canada. Through those show and sales he always came home with choice animals to build the foundation of our herd.

Today our herd runs approximately 50 head. Over the years of showing our animals, we have won multiple Grand Champions and Gold metals. Our animals have been sold all over the US and we have had the privilege of sending bison to Spain, Costa Rica and Chile.

Through the years we have had many tough experiences but each obstacle brought better decisions and a working knowledge in raising North America's largest land mammal.

As Dad got older he had a brilliant mind for the bison industry but needed help implementing those ideas. We, Daughter Bobbi, Son-In-Law Allen and Granddaughter Maddy, teamed up with Dad in 2007.

Dad passed in 2012 and left the operation as well as a love of the bison to us.

Over the past several years we have taken the award winning bison that Dad bred and separated them into two separate herds. We are continuing to purchase solid breeding stock and have built two genetically diverse herds.

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