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Colvine Bison Farm is settled on the outskirts of quiet Greenwood located in Southern Delaware; serene, rural setting of woods and grassy pastures. From our two herds of bison, Colvine Bison Farm is able to offer top quality, genetically diverse breeding stock.

Colvine Bison Farm Export Services

Testing and Holding Facility. We've shipped to Europe, South and Central America.
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Bobby Collins
"We Miss You, Dad"

Pick up your Farm Fresh Colvine Bison Burger at Fifer Orchards 1919 Allabands Mill Rd Camden, Evans Farms 9843 Seashore Hwy Bridgeville and Open Cupboard Natural Food Store Stein Hwy, Seaford.

Bison Meat
Call to Inquirer about purchasing a farm fresh Bison Quarter or Half.

Farm Fresh Colvine Bison Meat is being served at Abbott's Grill on Front Street in Milford DE and Abbott's on Broad Creek in Laurel DE. Gather at the Grill!

Café Tamburelli's in our hometown of Greenwood.

As well as specials at Res more...

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